Need some tips on how to make your photos look timeless and put together?





As most do, families take their family photos during the fall and winter seasons for the Holiday Greeting Cards. This means outfit ideas! And, please, don’t forget, this, also, applies to ANY photos being arranged to be taken (individuals, grads, headshots, couples, maternity, etc., etc.).

A huge reminder: You are going to see these photos printed!

Yes, outfits can be stressful but, here are some of the tips for choosing the perfect outfit for your photos.


So, let’s begin!


Book your photographer IN ADVANCE. This could be months in advance if you are doing Holiday Cards. (Tip: the holiday season is the busiest season for photographers, and some have discounted sessions, so book early!)



What is your vision overall? Where do you see yourself (and family) at? Is it in nature? Is it in a studio? This will lay the foundation of your theme.





Choose an outfit that you would wear. PUT IT ON! There may be a few options, but let’s start with just one. Did you put on a {fancy) dress? Did you put on some jeans and a blouse? A skirt and shirt combination? Remember, you have to feel comfortable and confident. This could also be a specific color. (Tip: soft patterns to soft solid colors, especially NEUTRALS (your best friends)). Again, we want to look in sync with each other and you are going to see these photos time and time again.



You might have it narrowed down, now, with your outfit and overall style/theme. If that’s not the case, look on Pinterest! Pinterest has so many great ideas, for everything. For the style, let’s keep it simple, because, at the end of the day, it’s all about your beautiful faces! Remember, keep the solids and patterns soft and in small doses. Also, play with some jackets, vests, and/or sweaters. Scarves tend to look bulky and get in the way.

Really, the outfits should feel complete once everyone is in sync by having one layer of clothing. It would look odd if people did not balance each other out.


Tip: Bring snacks, especially for the kiddos


I hope this was helpful!