Learning to dance with your significant other, besides being one of the most magical moments of your special day, is also a romantic way to get to know each other and spend time together.


Whether it is your wedding’s first dance, a remembrance at your anniversary, or a gala event, the goal is to make you look good, feel confident, and flash some dancing moves. After all, you are already dressed to impress!


Dancing is all about being in sync with each other and having fun! Once we have that taken care of, everything else will fall into place.

Whether you want to look elegant and throw some classic steps, impress guests with “dancing with the stars” moves, or have a simple romantic routine, we've got you!



- STEP ONE - Consultation Session

Evaluate dance level, skills, rhythm, and balance

Assess the danceability of special song and the time allotted

Discuss the ability to learn steps and routine

Consider wedding outfit(s) and hairstyle

Review the wedding venue and dance floor

- STEP TWO - Crafting Your Routine

(3-minute song max)

Tailored to your dance level, rhythm, and comfort; includes:

— Dance intro to set the tone

— Steps, turns, and dips

— Tricks and moves to make your routine stand out (posture, body line, synergy, energy)

— Dance exit to finish with style

- STEP THREE - Practice, Practice, Practice

Recommended practice sessions at the wedding venue, when practical and possible

Test the routine and get comfortable with:

— The dance floor

— Environment

— Other unseen factors


Transform your wedding dance experience with Maggie's expert guidance! As a former Arthur Murray Studio Ballroom Dance Instructor and Choreographer, she will help you and your partner go from two left feet to confident and rhythmic. Enjoy a customized, easy-to-remember routine for your first dance (or private last dance) as a married couple. With Maggie's support, feel at ease and impress your guests with new movies. Let her expertise make your wedding dance unforgettable!

     — Important times: entrances, exits, dips, turns, etc.

     — Important details: shoes, attire, venue layout, etc.

     — To name a few dance styles: Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Waltz, Foxtrot

Wedding Couple | 1 Dance Choreographed | (value - $999)

Complimentary Consultation

$150 Discount (upon booking the Bridal Package)

Choice of Schedule: 5 (1-hour) sessions or 10 (30-minute) sessions

Creative date idea Take your dance skills to the next level with Maggie's professional direction! Enjoy private dance lessons as a couple tailored to your needs, whether you are a couple looking for a unique date night or seeking personalized instruction. Relax, have fun, and learn at your own pace in a distraction-free environment.

Complimentary Consultation

$100 per couple | 30 minutes | 1 Dance style

$200 per couple | 1 hour | up to 2 Dance styles

Unlock your dance potential with personalized private solo lessons or fun group gatherings! Whether you are looking to shine solo or sparkle with friends, our expert instructor will guide you through a tailored dance experience that suits your style and pace. Get ready for a fun night in and create unforgettable memories!

Complimentary Consultation

$75 per person | 30 minutes | 1 Dance style

$150 per person | 1 hour | up to 2 Dance styles

Group: $50 per person | 45 minutes | 1 Dance style


- Former, Arthur Murray Studios Ballroom Dance Instructor and Choreographer -
Maggie Irizarry

She and her husband met while teaching dancing and later became dance partners and performed together for several years, since 1990. Maggie and her husband decided to pursue another passion of theirs, becoming a scientist and a veterinarian. Both continue teaching and dancing for fun and entertaining spectators when traveling around the world. Maggie is passionate about teaching dancing and continues to do so as a side project with serious and committed individuals and couples only.

Dancing - the best exercise, therapy, and way to uplift the soul and invite wellbeing to your life!

Maggie encourages dancing as one if not the best ways to stay healthy, focused, energized, and resilient by increasing and improving your physical and mental fitness.

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